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About Lion & Rose

The Franchise

The spark that inspired The Lion & Rose concept came during extensive travels overseas both for business and pleasure. Visiting England, it was clear to see that the quintessential English pub is a community’s hub, where residents young and old gather for meals and drinks and to catch up on local sports and gossip, play cards or darts, and spend time among friends.

There’s nothing quite like the English pub in American culture, and we decided it was high time that people here got a sense of the true English pub atmosphere. Of course, we also realized that it was a tremendous business opportunity, since there really isn’t much like it among current restaurants and bars in the U.S. The planning commenced, the supplier relationships were solidified, and the concept was refined until The Lion & Rose became the popular, authentic English pub that so many customers enjoy today.

The Lion & Rose is part of the Allen Tharp group of companies. It is the latest in a series of business ventures all built on a strong foundation. With businesses dating back more than 20 years, a history of financial strength and professional experience, The Lion & Rose leverages a strong infrastructure, but in a newly opened market niche.

San Antonio's Favorite Happy Hour Specials & Late Night Dinners

Since the day we opened, The Lion & Rose Restaurant & Pub in San Antonio has been known for our authentic pub atmosphere. We are proud to have recreated the classic British experience right here in South Central Texas, while adding a few unique touches that we are sure you will appreciate!

Pubs aren't just about drinking. A true British pub, unlike many area bars, is a place to gather for a great meal, warm conversation, good music and fine spirits. That's exactly what you'll find at The Lion & Rose.

Fun and Entertainment

From Pub Trivia and Karaoke to Open Mic Nights and Live Music, The Lion & Rose British Restaurant & Pub has it all! Play a game of darts, watch your favorite sports team and tip back a few pints of the finest beers from around the world.

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About the Owner

Allen Tharp, the founder and CEO of The Lion & Rose British Restaurant & Pub, has been in the restaurant and food service industries for many years, and has been successfully operating a number of businesses here in San Antonio for over 25 years.

Where the hell were we all the time we weren’t here?

Allen TharpFounder & CEO - Lion & Rose

Happy Customers

"Best calamari I've had thus far in San Antonio! Service was great, physical distancing procedures were being followed, and great ambiance. Try the fish and chips, it's delish! Oh, and their Irish Mule and Moulin Rouge specialty drinks were also amazing."

Monica H.

"Very nice establishment with a very nice staff. Especially the bartenders. Very polite and awesome. Definitely recommend!!"

Josh W.

"Awesome little British pub. Fish and chips were the best I've ever had."

Starla I.

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