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The Lion & Rose Franchise

The spark that inspired The Lion & Rose concept came during extensive travels overseas both for business and pleasure. Visiting England, it was clear to see that the quintessential English pub is a community's hub, where residents young and old gather for meals and drinks and to catch up on local sports and gossip, play cards or darts, and spend time among friends.

There's nothing quite like the English pub in American culture, and we decided it was high time that people here got a sense of the true English pub atmosphere. Of course, we also realized that it was a tremendous business opportunity, since there really isn't much like it among current restaurants and bars in the U.S. The planning commenced, the supplier relationships were solidified, and the concept was refined until The Lion & Rose became the popular, authentic English pub that so many customers enjoy today.

The Lion & Rose is part of the Allen Tharp group of companies. It is the latest in a series of business ventures all built on a strong foundation. With businesses dating back more than 20 years, a history of financial strength and professional experience, The Lion & Rose leverages a strong infrastructure, but in a newly opened market niche.